Advanced SEO Techniques to Improve Your Search Rankings in 2019

Want to improve your search rankings? Here are the latest advanced SEO techniques that will help you get past your competitors more quickly in 2019.

The world of SEO is dynamic. The rules and SEO techniques that helped you this year might not be applicable next year. To stay on top of the SERPs, you need to constantly adapt and improvise.

From content to keywords and backlinks, there are a lot of metrics that you need to take care of. So it’s only natural that you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of patience and effort it requires.

But when you have the best SEO techniques at your disposal, you can easily outperform your competitors. Let’s take a look at some of the best SEO techniques that can help you improve your search rankings in 2019:

1. Write Long Blog Posts

For a long time, SEO experts have stressed the importance of the quality of content that you are posting. There is no doubt that it is one of the most essential factors to improve your search rankings. However, you cannot completely ignore content length.

In-depth blog posts that seek to cover a particular topic exhaustively can help you get better search rankings. To understand the exact correlation between length of content and it’s rankings, Backlinko conducted a study. In the study, they analyzed over one million searches. They found that the posts on the first page search results, on average, were 1,890 words long.

This SEO technique in itself will not guarantee success. Don’t expect long blog posts to magically boosts your post in the search rankings. You need to strike a fine balance between quality and quantity for this SEO technique to work well..

2. Use the Bucket Brigade Copywriting Technique

SEO writing isn’t just about keywords. When users visit your website, there are two possible scenarios. They may continue reading your articles or leave you website right away. The latter is a big issue that can negatively impact your search rankings.

If you want your search rankings to improve, you need to ensure that visitors spend more time on your website. A simple way of doing this to write more compelling articles. You can hook your readers by using one of the oldest tricks of the trade. Bucket brigade is a copywriting technique that can persuade your readers to stay on your page.

When you are writing any article, you want the flow of your writing to be smooth. In an ideal scenario, each sentence should lead up to the next one. Similarly, each paragraph should introduce readers to the line of thought in the next paragraph.

Bucket Brigade is a simple technique that works as a connector between two paragraphs or even sentences. It is a smart tactic to captivate your reader’s attention and guide them through different transitions in your articles.

3. Keep Updating Old Content

To make the most out of your content, go through your older blog posts. Are any of the topics that you have written about still relevant?

For example, perhaps you wrote about best SEO techniques two years ago. But since then, Google announced major changes to their algorithm. Then you need to update your article.

Instead of writing a fresh article, it is advisable to add more information to your existing article. You may want to update the headline to make it more about the latest trends. You should also edit the copy and make it more SEO-friendly.

This SEO technique is an easy way to come up with more content in less time. Also, it can help your blog posts reach a wider audience. For popular posts, you may even have a better chance of getting ranked higher up in search results.

4. Get Quality Backlinks

When a website with high Domain Authority links back to your website, your credibility increases. Quality backlinks can help you gain an edge over your competitors. For search engines, quality backlink are equivalent to reliability.

So when you have a large number of quality backlinks, you are likely to get higher rankings in the SERPs. It’s one of the most important SEO techniques that can directly affect your website’s score.

You can get quality backlinks by guest blogging and collaborating with social media influencers. Sometimes, other websites may even link back to your website without asking you. That’s not a problem unless you find spammy links or websites with questionable credentials linking back.

If such websites link back to your website, your domain authority may be negatively affected. So it is extremely important that you analyze all of your incoming links and disavow any spammy links. A simple way of finding these inbound links is to use the Google Search Console or Moz Link Explorer.

5. Research Your Keywords Well

Before you finalize your blog post ideas, take some time to find relevant keywords. It is an easy way to figure out what people are looking for. Based on that, you can make changes to your content to match the requirements of readers.

If you’re using the right keywords, you have a better chance of driving conversions as well as higher rankings. To research keywords, you can use SEO tools like KWfinder, Moz Keyword Explorer, or Google Keyword Planner.

All you have to do is to enter your target keyword. After that, these tools will fetch all relevant keyword combinations for you. You can also see the search volumes for the keywords that you enter.

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