Attract the Right Customers at the Right Time with Local PPC

Attract the Right Customers at the Right Time with Local PPC

One of the more popular forms of marketing that is guaranteed to be easier than SEO is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. This is an approach that places your website front and center to reach thousands of potential customers.

The downside to using PPC is the fact that it is not so cost-friendly. It is quite intimidating to think you will have to pay for every click your ads receive. This is even truer when you consider the other companies that may have much larger budgets.

This article will show you how beneficial a local PPC campaign can be for your business and the best way to make use of it.

Your goal is to make the most of your paid PPC ads!

A Brief Look at Local PPC

With PPC, a company pays for a good placement in search engine results pages. A search listing is made then you set an amount you will pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

Google’s AdWords is one of the more popular forms of PPC. You will notice a paid ad because the ad labels are yellow.

While it may seem cost effective to bid low, this is far from true. Low bids mean your ads will not do well because your competition will definitely be bidding higher to get better placement.

Placing a high bid is not as scary as it sounds. You only pay $0.01 more than the bidder closer to yours. Let’s say you bid $0.65 and your competitor bids $0.70, you will only end up paying $0.66.

For PPC to be favorable for your company, the money you make from customers’ needs to be greater than the amount spent. Local PPC decreases how much you spend while keeping revenue flowing, which makes it very important form of marketing for local small businesses.

How to Make Local PPC Work for You

Here are the top 3 reasons local PPC is a more compelling marketing strategy than going international and national.

1. Get More Clicks and Conversions

By making your ad local, you are more likely to reach people who will appreciate your content. They are also likely to see your ad a lot over a period of time. This means your brand will be embedded in their minds.

2. Be More Relevant

Small businesses rarely need their ads viewed worldwide. It is best to focus on reaching people in the area where your business is located. For example, people in California have no use for your ad if your business only serves customers in Georgia.

3. Local PPC Mean Less Competition

When you focus on a specific target area, you will weed out your ads competition. Now you have a higher chance of your ad being in the top search results. Local ads mean you have less competition from large businesses who have the budget to beat out your ads.

With the national corporations out of the way, you will pay less for each click. You can now use your money to reach more potential customers.

One of the biggest benefits of local PPC is getting immediate results. SEO is a process that takes much longer than PPC. PPC takes your ads to the top placements on Google if your bid is high enough.

At first, you may think it is a good idea for the entire world to view your paid ads. But, it’s just not wise when working with a minimal budget. Hands down local paid ads is a better investment for small businesses with low budgets.

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