How to Spruce Up Your Online Store This Fall


shutterstock_642255100Did you think fall was just about back to school and home improvement? Think again. Fall is also a wonderful time to spruce up your website as well. Check out these tips for making your e-commerce site autumn ready.

Make it Look Like Fall

One of the easiest ways to welcome in the fall season is by making a few design tweaks to your site. Just like the comfy Autumn décor, many people place around their homes, your website could benefit from some earth tones.

Try adding fall related images to banners, social media profile pictures and even your ‘click here’ buttons. You don’t need to re-do the entire site, a few updates can make a big difference.

Get Organized

The holiday season is upon us, so now is the time to get organized. Plan ahead for the traffic by thinking about your site’s organization. Perhaps it’s time to layer with some layered navigation.  Maybe it’s time to pack things up, by offering services in packages.

Even if you don’t change a thing, spending some time looking for things to change can make your site much better.

Fix things Up

Autumn lets nature prepare for winter. This is the time when you should as well. Look for problems on your site, such as broken links or redirects, double check your checkout process, update any outdated content and check page load times.

You’ll find that these steps (as well as others such as performing a site crawl and optimizing for mobile) will help maintain your site, keep it well-ranked, and protect it from cyber-attacks. For an e-commerce site, your website is a huge investment that you should take good care of.

Get Warm and Cozy
It’s getting cooler outdoors, and everyone could appreciate a little warmth. Add some warmth to your online store with great customer service. Incorporate fall-themed special offers or offer some useful content. Add a loyalty program to reward your customers for their dedication. You can even use this time to get cozy on social media. Reach out to customers by inviting them to leave reviews and reward them for their time.

These little tokens of customer appreciation add warmth to your site in a way that will likely pay off by the end of the year.

Be Frugal
Being frugal doesn’t mean fall is the time for being cheap. It more means now is the time to ensure you will not run out in the future. Like the squirrel that collects its nuts before the winter, you must do everything you can to make sure your website continues running.

To stay running, you should check for current upgrades and have a system backup plan in place. With a managed site, now is the time to ensure you have the right level of service, updated backups, and enough storage space.

Prepare for spring

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s probably easy to lose sight of the big picture. Remember that the work you are doing now will likely come into bloom next spring.

Review your business goals, choose merchandise, update marketing tactics and plan next year’s promotions now. Once February arrives, you’ll be glad that you did.

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