What are the Advantages of Getting Google Reviews for Your Business?


shutterstock_552493561Google reviews are simply a FREE method to advertise your business in your local community. People do not always trust conventional ads because they are paid for and written by professional copywriters. Therefore, they aren’t very reliable.
But, people trust Google reviews because they are largely written by unknown strangers who have patronized a business and can testify to its worth. These reviews are all about honest testimonials from your customers. The objective is to win over more customers.
They are important for your local business because people often trust the testimonials of customers over all else. In fact, most people buy things based on trust. To obtain the trust they need before making any purchase decisions, most people consult Google for both product and service information, as well as reviews.
3 Benefits of Google Reviews for Your Local Businesses
Online consumers want to see what others are saying about your business and how it compares to other similar businesses. And this is where reviews made by Google users comes into play. They help you rank with people as well as the search engines.
Let’s break these down a little further by discussing these three advantages of using reviews on Google to improve your sales:

1. Google Reviews: Trust & Credibility

Consumers trust Google for whatever it is worth. People believe a business or person is what Google says it, she or he is in real life. You must tap into this trust already enjoyed by Google if you want to monopolize on the traffic it could drive.
This is so important because a 2016 Bright Local survey revealed that 91% of consumers read online reviews before buying anything. People trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation. And, one of the review platforms they trust most is Google’s.

2. Google Reviews: Search Engine Visibility

One of the best ways to get ahead of competitors on the internet is by search engine visibility. When a search engine such as Google boosts your business visibility, then you are in real business online. And this is FREE, courtesy of Google reviews.
Google algorithms are programmed in such a way as to rank the site’s reviews higher in search result pages (SERPS). The more reviews you have, the more Google boosts your visibility to the top of the pages. And you know what that means… massive traffic and higher conversions.

3. Google Reviews: Boosts Your Relevance in Local Searches

If you are looking to dominate your industry’s market in your local community or town, then Google reviews is the best tool to use. One thing you must understand is that they work hand-in-hand with Google Maps.
This means people could use Google Maps to easily pin-point your physical location or address while reading your business reviews on Google. These reviews help you to rank higher in the local market. This also enables Google Maps to direct potential customers right to your doorstep.
You can dominate your town and city with Google’s local search visibility. You do not need to pay for this enhanced listing service. Just register with Google My Business and then ask your customers for reviews on your product’s page and you’re good to go.
Google reviews for local businesses are a must for organic traffic, better search rankings and increased customer conversions. Another way to improve your local San Antonio sales is with custom reputation boost. Contact your local San Antonio Reputation Boosters at Funnel Boost Media for more details today.

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